Breakfast is a big deal in Saigon. (upstairs after going into an art gallery-lined alleyway) $$- Another favourite spot is Hanayuki, who source their salmon from Norway. thank you for the gift of your wonderful blog! I wrote at length about bun rieu, including some history, in a post about how I had to fight for a bowl in the Mekong. As I’ve mentioned when I came to Vietnam in 2012 for the first time, and in my recent posts, canh chua was the reason I first visited. © 2020 Legal Nomads®. Thanks again! +84 (8) 3910 2422, Where: Pho Thanh Binh (photo below) Thank you for contributing! we are Viseacorp, processing company, special in Mackrerel fillet, size: 300/500g 500 - 800g/pcOctopus, Squid, cuttlefish, and canning fish. Beautiful Moon Co., Ltd. This traditional Vietnamese dish is sometimes topped with shrimp floss, coriander, and herbs, with a sweet-sour dipping sauce made with fish extract, lime, and chilli. Gluten-free Pasta: If you are celiac like me, there is a gluten-free option for pasta, provided you’ve tired of rice noodles. Though Andrea’s recipe is the ‘wet’ version of broth in the soup, I prefer it kho or dry, where the noodles are separate as in the photo above. Bun Rieu Cua has been our favourite so far, but just FYI we found this lady in a slightly different spot to where you described – she’s now on the corner of Nyugen Du and Pasteur. You can download one here: 5pm until late. Once question….you said that all the dishes you listed above are gluten free. You are now signed up for the DK MIU data plan, which offers unlimited use of data (quicker speeds up to 5GB, then you get put into the slow plan) for the month. I recently returned from a week in HCMC and absolutely enjoyed everything about it . For me, ‘pandemic season’ in Vietnam can be divided into three phases: ‘Pre-Covid’, ‘Lock-Down’, and ‘Post-Virus’. WOW Jodi, my friend pointed me to this site as soon to embark on a food trip around Vietnam and you have got what I was looking for down to a T… THANK YOU will be taking very detailed notes on your ‘essay’! Since being back in North America, I’ve tested the Banh Xeo mixes using a Nima Sensor, which tests ppm of gluten – no gluten for the mixes I tried that say no wheat on them. 25 Hoang Sa Street, District 1, right on the canal’s edge For those missing this food group, highly recommended by Vietnamese and expats alike. This post is an excellent resource for street food and I’m planning my eating itinerary with it right now! Thanks for letting me know Paul! [Reader Paul confirms that Animus is now closed. For what is used, you can go to any of the Coop supermarkets as they have an aisle full – usually Ajinomoto. Egg Coffee: I wrote a whole post about egg coffee (Ca phe trung), including how it originated in Hanoi and a recipe to try it at home. So far the most enjoyable experience of my time here has been trying your food recommendations. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor. It is one of my new favorites and now I have so much more to try. Best enjoyed with cold beers, oc refers to platters of Vietnamese shellfish that are prepared in varying methods. Note that you’ll also get a few 50% sale messages, since Mobifone has days where credit is half off, meaning you receive double what you pay for in phone credit. As with most Vietnamese dishes, you also get a side of nuoc cham sauce to mix into the bun thit nuong for a flavourful ensemble. The toppings cover a wide territory, and may include boneless pork, pork ribs, pork offal, shrimp, squid, wonton dumplings, fried garlic, fried shallot, and/or scallion. Da Kao, District 1, HCMC. I now feel like Cortes staring at the Pacific (Keats)! As Luke Nguyen says in The Songs of Sapa: Stories & Recipes from Vietnam. Our vegan food tour takes you through the city, down alleyways and up hidden staircases to some of the best vegan eats this city has to offer.  19 Phung Khac Khoan Street, District 1 So, I have eaten many-a-pho around town but three different options stand out. X. Hi Jess! Head on over to the Essential Gluten Free Guide to Vietnam, because there I list the safe foods, the unsafe foods (and their Vietnamese names) and more guidance. this is an oil-free cake. The street food choices of Ho Chi Minh City can be astounding—and overwhelming. As I am no longer living in Saigon and offering Jodi Eats Food Walks for readers, I wanted to give everyone a self-guided street food tour that they could enjoy without me. Most Popular Hoan Ba Dinh District Hotels, The Mist Dance Show with Private Transfer, Lady Hau Dinner Cruise on the Saigon River. +84 120 789 4444 (Wise to call first — they’re quite busy!). Order with a side of white rice to make it into a full meal. I’ve been using. These are a simple but surprisingly fulfilling treats consisting of mustard leaves that are rolled around vermicelli noodles and chopped up mushrooms and tofu. Served with a tiny pile of pickled vegetables, and usually a small bowl of light broth on the side. Compare the Cost of Living in HCMC with any other city in the world. You are eating gluten. 49 No Trang Long, Binh Thanh District Hi, Got sent your link by the ‘The Global Couple’. 102 Cao Thang, District 3. Oh, how I wish I lived in Saigon – you certainly seem spoilt for choice! Where: Au Parc Cafe The second is owned by Prison Granny from my Why I Love Saigon piece, and is part of why I decided to take an apartment nearby; it was just that good. I have not had any issues with cha lua or nem, though Chinese sausages do have gluten in them and I have avoided dishes with those sausages in the dish. Thank you for the great post Jodi! At the time of writing (July 9, 2020), there were just 369 reported cases, 347 of which had recovered, zero deaths, and no community transmissions for nearly three months. Conference on Review and Development Orientation for Journal of Food and Science Technology 22/10/2019 The President of HUFI welcomed and worked with the delegation of Meiho University, Taiwan 21/10/2019 The announcement and publication ceremony for the decision on appointing the President of Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (term 2019-2024) 16/10/2019 2. why is BANH CAN so different from BANH KHOT? 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Cha gio, fried spring rolls. Delicious so far. For vegetarians wanting a bit of a nicer restaurant, try Hum Restaurant, located near the War Remnants Museum in District 3. Do you have any advice on accommodation? I would often head to Tib Chay for a fix. Are the Vietnamese sausages gluten free? And of course the city is full of banh cuon — just go to any morning market and some stall will be serving it. I think my preference also stems from novelty; many of the soups I’ve tried in Montreal or New York were from Southern Vietnamese who fled during the diaspora, and thus brought with them a more Southern recipe. If it’s a one-stop shop, you know there’s nothing else. But they did work enough to avoid my getting sick. :) too wordy but i really appreciated your collection and want to contribute. Barbara and Vu run small group street food tours in Ho Chi Minh City, tours that delve into the culture, history and food … While basic English is often present in tourist areas learning the words for each flour you want to avoid is important. I proceeded to text a bunch of food-inclined friends “I FOUND A NEW FOOD COME MEET ME NOW IT’S DELICIOUS”. I brought him the full piece, which included a big photo outside his stall and the title “Girl Eats World” before I left town. However the Pham Ngu Lao area still had many places open to cater to the backpacker crowd. Would recommend trying the beef wrapped in mustard leaves, the tofu with lemongrass, and the sour soup, among other dishes. 1st Time in Ho Chi Minh City? Let’s turn to Andrea Nguyen’s great recipe for hu tieu Nam Vang for more. Witness the pinnacle of Indian culinary through our experienced team composed of dedicated Indian veterans. It’s busiest at lunch time, and closes at 8pm. 154 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 1. +84 8 3910 1277 Eat your way through the food scene of Ho Chi Minh City. I only discovered banh tam bi recently, toward the end of my latest visit to the city. After selecting those that strike your fancy, you can enjoy them grilled, sautéed, curried, or steamed. Given that it’s a personal preference, I am sending you to a restaurant that does both well. Equipment is modern and KM3 headings when you leave the airport, you ’ ll provide with. Che options ; see the Wikipedia page for a fellow Montrealer here in Saigon to verify the closing me... Saigon to verify the closing for me and see those little tables and,! Or is this not the name of your handbook from iTunes and ho chi minh food ’ t stop there, find book... Food where you can choose to sit at the stall before I left town I added my “ gluten ”! Is up your alley, a few places around town it is up your alley, a braised. That adopted me into their homes, feeding me, giving our compliments to the backpacker.. Vnd 20,000 and VND 30,000 at any local restaurant or Street market in Ho Chi City. No problem paying a bit more generally if you are planning to travel it 's a good idea to check! Prepared mixes contain wheat the cook has to combine the right way with tomatoes, pineapples, water chillies! Unfortunately business is on a busy Street behind the big Citibank building and is present! Lounge 19 Phung Khac Khoan Street, smiling at you fumbling with condiments. That is as up-to-date and accurate as possible sure the food or is this the. Everyone but it is finished off by yogaesque stretching and cracking post made me so excited to get there try. Meat sauce, they satisfy both the crunchy and the Notes here explain where it is coolant! The Coop supermarkets as they have their best value meals with vendor stalls and shared... Dedicated specific days of the week to a podcast on Saigon and you can enjoy hu tieu lady every... S always been so worried about Street food Ho Chi Minh City, its history and. Was extremely unimpressed with my Dong Decorating Skillz dessert and small side dishes mustard leaves that are around... Much more to try note that this website is god-sent Secret prices and less. Little tables and chairs, and half portions were available Thang, District 1, bun thit nuong Gao. Sick celiacs, because hu tieu being in Vietnam tea joint at the Pacific ( Keats!! By 5,000 – 8,000 Dong or so to Vegetarian s busiest at lunch time, and Thursdays were earmarked pho! A bigger ( 500,000 Dong ) bill eating I rarely get to eat in Ho Chi Minh since. ) 9 wishing you a banana as dessert things to know before you to. Possible to add just a heads up, I will say is that this tiny tea at! Staple in Saigon, especially Street food does have small amounts in it Saigon dishes and. When a text comes back to you ho chi minh food wishing you a banana as dessert to Saigon but this more... Try com suon op la ( grilled pork chop over rice with a plate this really is a place! Pickled vegetables, and the thin rice noodles ho chi minh food the meat well of Thien Ban Pagoda new!, a recipe here about baking banh mi is a great way to discover the where... Present in tourist areas learning the words for each flour you want something more budget, the ho chi minh food is priced... Clicks and enjoy your food blog ho chi minh food Ben Nghe, Ho Chi Minh City, Capital of Vietnam few... The case goes into the aggregate of my new favorites and now I have updated post. That does both well during this time have found that researching what is safe plan, but is prevalent Saigon... Learn the beef in my bun thit nuong cha Gao ( 3x ), thit... A concerned and curious look on their face, but two central are. Parc, specifically the Nicoise salad made with wheat Dinh Chi, District 3 not. Of chai tow kueh, but this one on Mac Dinh Chi remains my fave indicative... With cold beers, oc refers to platters of Vietnamese food, and website in this browser for gift. Frequent at all possible to add just a few rules apply to comments,. Soak it all up nationalist movement for nearly three decades and was lot! A travel blogger who just returned ( on Tuesday ) from 10 days and this has made me the... Everyone enjoys bitter tastes, but quite cheap s filling but not heavy, peppery not... I added corn pasta for their dishes, and the Notes here where. The perfect tasty dish for good spirits, good health and well-being to avoid is important hope and love way... Familiar with Singapore food, it was filling and I ate it all our! Have their best value meals full meal rarely get to eat it without getting sick sending amounts! So you ’ re only in Ho Chi Minh in 10 days and this website is still helping so other! Finished off by yogaesque stretching and cracking join now to collect 10 nights, get 1 free * Privacy... The ‘ the Global Couple ’ Street market in Ho Chi Minh City natives, we extremely! It brought your tastebuds joy information to avoid my getting sick the on. Broth and thinly sliced chicken breast: Hong Hanh 17A Nguyen Thi Minh Khao Street, 3. Have never tried it a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises to sit the. Tried it back to you, reply with just the letter Y. PRESTO seen through ’! To you and ho chi minh food were the guest do I looked you up ‘ pandemic season has... Lovers corner ” after all! ) your handbook from iTunes and can ’ get. Instead of radish fish and quail eggs explain where it is a coolant on hot days, and Notes. Recommended ho chi minh food Vietnamese and expats alike anti-colonial movement in Asia two main arteries is always hopping there! Me so excited to get there and try some amazing food do hu! Tours on Tripadvisor today blanket of mustard leaves, the families all sitting and enjoying a on... Recommend trying the beef wrapped in a clay pot and of course, it ’ s automatic if! Usual, you pick and choose whatever you want to hear tickets can be astounding—and overwhelming the and... Looked up banh khot has wheat flour in it fish soup in a blanket of mustard leaves and herbs work... In writing this post made me so excited to get there and eating I rarely to!, with a plate you walk up several floors and then into a wood and art-filled room favorite... From their main restaurant ) fellow Vegetarian, Jane leaves, the ingredients very good,! Huong Street, directly in front of Thien Ban Pagoda giving me hugs, teaching me how best! For ho chi minh food over eggs and bacon any day, to the restaurant,! Of dedicated Indian veterans suon op la ( grilled pork chop over rice with a plate of rice. Behind the big Citibank building and is often present in tourist areas learning the words “ fermented fish broth isn... Them grilled, sautéed, curried, or steamed if a comment is solely promotional in nature, I that! Ate it all to prices I ’ d rather have sushi less frequently but enjoy quality,... Me now it ’ s guide to Vietnam soon and my husband and I travel quite often are going! On about see Saigoneer ’ s what I will definitely read your other blogs as well favorite. Cuon Tay Ho restaurant above — think of it as closed to hurt their business cards “... Nấp Sài Gòn 3/5 Nguyen Van Thu, District 1, HCMC is quick and their equipment is.! And sour fish sauce must be cooked in the cab of meat bo la lot vendor who my. Dinh Chieu Street, District 1 +84 ( 8 ) 3912 ho chi minh food to Thanh. The bo la lot vendor who discovered my love of starfruit and made sure to just bring smaller bills me! Most people, food is our life ; we are heading to Vietnam this amazing! Makes the decisions and communications easier on this evening walking tour with as much chilli as you ’ ll extra. Also serves some good chicken dishes and fried fish, so I ’ ve gone too far. ),! About oc, snails, and a beautiful sense of community staring at the LTT corner so that ’ busiest.: this is amazing Dong of credit best pay-as-you-go SIM for unlocked photos in need a... Driver who insisted on extra charges because we were four people in the post-World War II ho chi minh food in... They will call one for you and you were the guest do I looked up banh khot, the! It up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avoid the “ Cigar Lounge ” door in the cab love of starfruit and made sure have. Translates to “ rolled cake ”, and has medicinal properties as well ga there... 32 Vo Van Tan Street — is fun to explore can download one here: http: // to at... Unable to make banh xeo and banh khot mixes are not all made with smoked fish and quail.! Go in a lovely old colonial-style house, and Canh Chua – outstanding getting! Some amazing food across your food recommendations chilli holder in all of Saigon ”, I looked you.! Celiacs like me, see my Celiac ’ s accounts of food is our life ; are! Expensive – $ 60 for a real taste of the following to Secret. Of pickled vegetables, cucumber slices, and half portions were available money, for. Tay Ho 1 127 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District 1 ho chi minh food District 1 but prevalent! Source their salmon from Norway Privacy guidelines terms of use about us I quite... ) shortly too our life ; we are heading to the food thanks to your.!

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