Getting first-level properties is pretty straightforward. Documentation is here: ... It’s pretty easy to understand, it assigns properties of one or many objects to a source object. How to filter keys of an object with lodash? How can I use lodash to sort an array of objects by more than one nested field? In your code you have 2 options to solve it first is jquery and second one is css. Here is an example : $(".choice-option").click(function() { $(this).find('input[type=radio]').prop("checked", "true"); }) ... You need some css for that #printOnly { display : none; } @media print { #printOnly { display : block; } } ... EMI and CustomerName are elements under json so you can use .find() to find those elements and then text() to get its value. import { flatMap, path } from 'lodash… Get link Facebook Normally you have your collections inside lib/ and your fixtures inside server/fixtures.js. if some.nested.field is undefined. Fiddle... Let suppose on button click you are calling ajax method